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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  December 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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everything you do. on the next "daytime," corey dylan will be joining me as my special guest cohost. and we'll be talking to a great comedian named craig gass. the news is next. a massive fire at a hillsborough county rec center. the popular after school site set for renovation now charred. we're live with a look at the affected by the loss. >> he shot and killed his neighbor over an argument over a skateboarder, and now trevor dooley is about to be released from jail. why? >> the wildfire devastation, seven dead. and it could go up. i'm gene ramirez, >> i'm stacie schaible.
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ed bloodsworth has a look at the weather. >> we have a cold front but not much rain associated with it. we've had a few showers in the morning and got off to a warm and steamy start. max defender 8, we've had a few light sprinkles through portions of citrus and hernando county but that is it. not much more than that here. this is a -- a cold front that continues to lose a lot of its punch. still a lot of scattered cloudiness and very warm. already up to 80 at lake more of a mostly cloudy sky and humid. 77 tampa. note the cooler air, 60s for crystal river. cooler and it is starting to dry out in our northernmost communities. lower dew points are located there. the cold front continues to ease through. we'll keep a 20% rain chance for the afternoon. just a few spot showers, temperatures hit 79 in tampa as we go into the afternoon. we'll tell you what you can expect and give you a preview for the upcoming weekend in a
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breaking news from jacksonville, we're learning a robber is holding several people hostage at a bank. you can see a swat team on scene outside the community first credit union. armored vehicles on site as are k-9 units. the sheriff's office doesn't know how many hostages are in the bank but a 911 one call did indicate someone may have been shot during the robbery. though that is not yet confirmed. police negotiators are also on scene, we're watching the situation closely, if developing this morning -- a community in hillsborough county reeling after a beloved rec center there is destroyed by flames. >> this fire is devastating blow to families who use it for child care and other activities. mary mcguire is at the winston park rec center. you've been there all morning, how are people dealing with
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tears in their eyes. this was so much more than just a rec center to them. this really was a pillar of hope in the community. now it's a total loss. fire crews found flames 30 feet in the air at one point. the vinick family foundation donated $2.8 million to the awaiting the reopening of the newly renovated rec center. >> the kids, what we're thinking of, the teens that come and play, dulings that play basketball as well. to keep the community together and out of trouble. that was our hope. that was our hope. to see it like this is emotional. >> reporter: this rec center was supposed to open up back within the next couple of months. in all it took 35 firefighters,
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the fire under control. back live in hillsborough county you can see that the fire investigators are on scene now, they are working to determine what caused this fire. if there's any good news that came from this, it's that there were no injuries. this rec center was actually closed during renovations, no one was here at the time of the fire and we're also told no firefighters sustained injuries while they were putting this out. >> still devastating for that community. mary mcguire reporting live. a valrico man that shot skateboarding on a basketball court could walk out of jail any moment. trevor dooley granted bond while appealing his conviction. ryan is live at the jail. dooley asked to be released and the judge said yes. >> he was sentenced to eight years in prison but recently asked to be released claiming jury strickses gimp during his trial were -- instructions
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wrong. the judge agreed and he could walk out this afternoon pending appeal. dooley shot david james after an argument about scooter skateboarding on a basketball court. he claimed stand your ground but he was convicted of manslaughter. the widow won't happy with the news. >> i hope you enjoy the holidays. ow up i believe in december. christmas, new year's, easter, all the rest. just remember we never -- had to continue any of that with dr j because you took him from -- dj because you took him from us. so enjoy that time. >> reporter: we just got word from a jail worker that the inmate is still at the fallenburg road jail, he will
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afternoon. and likely leave in the afternoon, perhaps early evening. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you the latest information on this pending release later today. back to you for now. >> ryan hughes, thank you. the man accused of shooting and killing a police officer in tacoma, washington, is dead. police shot him during a standoff in which police say he used children to shield himself. this started with the officer responding wednesday evening to that is when the suspect shot and killed that officer. >> we've suffered a great loss, and i think the community has suffered a great loss. i don't know how to put that into words. other than to say that everyone here appreciates the kind thoughts and prayers that are going out to us. >> police say the shooter holed himself up in a home using an 8-
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homeowner and two children escorted out unharmed. to the ashes of gatlinburg. search and rescue efforts resumed in the great smoky mountains after the tennessee worst wildfire in more than a century. the death toll now sits at 7:00 in gatlinburg, that number could still rise because many are unaccounted for. over the night the son of alice haggler confirmed his mother was one of three victims found dead in chalet village, a many families are pleading for information including michael reed who last talked to his wife on the phone monday night as flames spread closer to their home. >> looking for my wife constance. and my daughter lily who is 9 and my daughter chloe who is 12. >> mr. reed's family isn't among the confirmed fatalities but they are still missing.
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dolly parton has strong ties to gatlinburg and the pigeon forge area. her namesake theme park barely missed being consumed. she's pledging to donate $1,000 a month per month are for six months to each county who was affected by the wildfire. it's devastating and a 1-2 punch for eastern part of the state deals with the wildfires. southern counties are cleaning up after a tornado. at least five people died as the storms ripped across parts of tennessee and alabama. parts of georgia also affected but no one there died. strong winds knocked down trees and power lines, and turned some buildings into ruins. in georgia three suspected tornadoes touched down in the metro atlanta area. happening now -- a mission to save manatees stuck in a pinellas county lake after
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during the storm this summer. wildlife experts are concerned that the water won't stay warm enough through the winter. right now crews are searching the lake by boat and and air in hopes of locating them and eventually moving them to warmer waters. newschannel 8 is gearing up for kindness day a week from tomorrow. on december 9th. it's an annual tradition for us in our studios on south parker street in tampa. drive through to dopate teddy bears for the h tampa bay and even blood for oneblood. we hope to see you there. just a few clicks and you can get almost anything you want delivered to your doorstep >> that convenience also raises problems. coming up, crooks are stealing packages off porches. we have easy and free ways to prevent this. >> as we get closer to the 12 days of christmas it's going to cost you more than it did last
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the song. how much those 12 drummers drumming will cost you, coming up. despite the clouds, a beautiful start to the day in lakeland. we have this picture from tony. how much longer will the clouds stick around? rain chances and preview of the
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we need it. >> the right kinds of food don't always agree with our taste preferences. >> at least not immediately. just ask baby hazel as she tries broccoli for the first time. >> oh. >> oh, man. >> that's my reaction. >> i think that reaction
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about eating anything green. she's like, man. she didn't spit it out. i'm pretty proud of her. >> she's just -- i'm going to bare down and get through this. >> my parents look like they want me to eat it. >> here's the trick baby -- smother it in butter. >> and cheese. >> and salt. >> then deep fry it. it doesn't feel like december 1st. >> no, it feels like october 1st. we're looking at very high humidi been seeing the last couple of days. actually, we have kindness day to remind you of. we want to get as many donations as we can. join us at the news center on december 9th, from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. just drop off your donation. there's the view outside, mostly cloudy skies in the plantation on crystal river. a very warm 72 and muggy 72 as
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that is the lowe's don cesar. a lot of moisture coming off the gulf of mexico at this time and can't rule out a few sprinkles. max defender 8, we've had a couple of isolated showers especially in the northern counties but right now just not seeing too much out there. there was a very thin line of showers, you can see it developing here. this is going to try to make it back on shore. you can see the visible satellite showing that, what we got that brighter shade of white. that is the leading edge you can see the higher cloud tops associated with the showers. temperatures south of that front? 80s, and extremely muggy. north of the front though, how about middle and upper 60s now? that is the leading edge of that cooler drier air. that will continue to slowly work down across our area. so again, just a couple of hit and miss showers as we go into the afternoon. then tonight partly cloudy skies, some lingering clouds and so your friday morning, by friday afternoon, lots of
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the drier air is going to stick around for the weekend as well. saturday 78, fair weather cloudiness. 81 by sunday. we will note slightly higher humidity by then. your temperatures will continue to climb a bit into the low 80s by monday and tuesday. and also next week rain chances a little up in the air, overall, then could get wet. rain chances between 10% and 30% monday through thursday. 8 on your side report -- modern technology makes it easy to buy just want and deliver it to our doorstep. >> the convenience also makes it easier on people that want to rip you off. it's happened to me. not fun. meredyth has high-tech ways to slam the door on crooks. >> having someone take the packages off the doorstep, frustrating and unnoiferg. fortunately there are ways to be in control of deliveries at all time. some cost nothing. >> fedex ships to their
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a free u.p.s. my choice membership gives you the option to leave packages with a neighbor or for $5 have them delivered to any address. >> you can decide when they are delivered and actually where they are delivered. >> amazon's free amazon locker service is a one-time use p.o. box, you choose the delivery location and use an unlocked code to retrieve the delivery. >> it's a waiting game to see which one is the one that is going to open up. >> reporter: amni counties and a handful in manatee, pasco county and hernando counties. and the package guard is a car alarm for your porch. it notifies your phone when it arrives and must be disarmed before the package is moved. cameras can catch criminals if the camera is clear enough. the $200 blink or 200-dollar
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quickly a crime has been committed. and a remote device can lock and unlock doors. >> i can ask my neighbor no get over and open the door for them. drop off the package and shut the door and lock it behind them. >> the land port lock box is a $500 steel container that bolts to any service amd and opened with a code you share with your delivery service. the three major delivery services ct billion packages this holiday season. back to you. >> for more information on any of those services check let's go back to breaking news out of jacksonville. nbc reporting a bank robber holding up at least 11 people hostage is now in custody. looks like it's now starting to be wrapped up. we'll have more on that as we learn more. meantime we're going to tell you about our consumer watch this morning.
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the gas pump seen. member nations of opec agreed to cut oil production for the first time in eight years. the cartel will cut 1.2 million barrels a day from its present output. that takes effect in january. president-elect donald trump is promising an energy revolution that includes halting energy imports from opec nations. hackers have managed to affect more than 1.3 million android illegitimate apps. apps not downloaded from google play. the malware installs malicious advertising software at that day tracts users and -- attracts users an installs other legitimate apps giving them high ratings to inflate their reputations. google says it's blocked 150,000 versions of the cyberattack. drake was the most streamed
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billion streams this year. also the most streamed artist of all time on spotify with over 8.7 billion streams rounding out the top three, in his younger days, justin bieber andry an rihanna. the cost of christmas spiraling out of control? >> 3 years tracked what it costs to get all the gifts in 12 days of christmas. the cost of two turtle doves jumped from $290 to $375 this year. but none of the other gifts listed in the sock stayed -- nine of the other gifts listed in the song became cheaper or
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breaking the budget. straight ahead -- the families of victims from malaysia airlines flight 370 take the search for their loves ones into their own hand. we explain. >> plugs newschannel 8 is the only station in cuba now. jeff patterson is in havana as fidel castro's ashes travel
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8 on your side special coverage. cuba mourns fidel castro. newschannel 8 is the only local station in cuba now as the country observes nine days of mourning following the death of fidel castro. >> the ashes are on their way from havana to the eastern city of santiago. the 500-mile procession started in havana yesterday tracing in reverse the victory route castro took after overthrowing
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1959. after establishing a socialist government and ex- appropriating homes and businesses waves of political exiles established themselves here in the united states. >> fidel castro is no hero. he was the most ruthless dictator in our hemisphere. fidel castro leaves a legacy of death, murders, crimes, executions, imprisonment of thousands and thousands of men and women! >> that speaking in -- a cuban exile leader speaking in miami. a crash of a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team. the pilot reported he was out of fuel moments before crashing in colombia. a recording from the air traffic control tower shows the pilot declared a fuel emergency asking for permission to land due to a "total electric failure." and "lack of fuel."
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wednesday night thousands of soccer fans filled stadiums in brazil and colombia to honor the players. the brazilians were scheduled to play a colombian team wednesday night in a south america soccer tournament. nearly three years after mh- 370 crashed into the indian ocean nothing but occasional debris has been found. loved ones of passengers will start a journey to africa marking 1,000 days since the r to madagascar, hoping to find more clues about the missing plane. a full sized replica of the titanic being built in china. it's part of a mediterranean themed resort. not an exact copy but it will clued include a replica of the
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time to feel what that vessel was like. with a price tag of more than $65 million, completion is expected late next year. an awful sight in hillsborough county this morning as a popular rec center went up in flames. >> ahead, the emotional reaction from one of the workers there. >> plus, donald trump taking a break from interviewing now to go on a thank you tour. where he's starting out, coming up.
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z26htz z16fz y26hty y16fy burned to the ground. a popular rec center in tampa caught fire overnight. putting a halt to millions of dollars in renovations planned this month. how the community is reacting. >> trump thank you tour. the president-elect traveling to states that helped him reach the white house where he's starting out, coming up. >> a resupply cargo ship now bound for the international space station. ahead, what is on board the progress 65?
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schaible. >> gene ramirez. let's check with ed in for lee. >> not bad, seeing clouds, also a few clouds earlier this morning. interesting site from the loe don cesar, there's a lot of sea fog, 72 degrees, winds south and the humidity very high this midday. max defender 8 scanning the skies, a million watts of power, not much out there. we've had occasional sprinkles. there's a very thin line of showers out over northern counties throughout the day. the corrupt though making progress. upper 70s, low 80s south of the front. 60s north of the front. you can see that clear divide in the temperatures. the cold front continues to slowly sag south, a few more of these hit and miss showers possible as we go into the course of the afternoon. otherwise mostly cloudy and staying warm for this time of year, 79. temperatures get a bit cooler for tomorrow.
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breaking news from jacksonville. these are images, a bank robber holding 11 people hostage in the community first credit union but the latest development now, that robber is now in custody. the jacksonville sheriff's office just confirming that information. you're looking at the scene earlier, swat team on site with armored vehicles and k-9 units. we reported earlier that an initial 911 call mentioned someone was shot during the robbery attempt. we're still working to confirm it but again the hostages of safe d standoff in jacksonville is now over with -- that would be robber now in custody. a beloved rec center is completely destroyed by fire. >> it's at the winston park rec center. mary mcguire with more on what the rec center meant to families who used the center. >> reporter: when we first arrived on scene this morning
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building is a total loss. a pile of rubble. >> all my kids went through that park there. my nephews, nieces, and kids that i call mine over 5,000 children have gone in there and made themselves somebody. and that is -- just wow. >> reporter: with tears, martha martinez watched as fire crews tried to save the winston park rec center. a place that she used to work at and often brought her family to. >> the ki thinking of. the after-schoolers, the teens play and adults that play as well to keep the community together and out of trouble. it was our hope. that was our hope. and to see it like this, emotional. >> reporter: back in march the owner of the tampa bay lightning and his family foundation announced they were donating $2.5 million to renovate this rec center turning it over to the boys and
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gift in the club's 90-year history and many members of the community here were eagerly awaiting the opening of the new renovated rec center. >> i'm feeling very sad right now because it's like losing a part of the community. and watching this building go up was very beautiful. >> reporter: the rec center is now gone. but the community is still here. facing a future without that symbol of hope. >> we're just going to keep our prayers and hope that they can restart that hopes up again. >> reporter: in all it took 35 firefighters and two aerial ladder trucks to get fire under control. we're told the rec center was expected to reopen in the next couple of months. >> we reached out to the owner for comment. he said he and his wife are saddened to learn about the fire and disappointed for the kids of that community.
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reconstruction. happening today -- president-elect donald trump is taking a break from doing interviews in new york. he's headed to the midwest on a thank you tour that includes a stop in indiana to fulfill a campaign promise. tracie potts has more from washington. >> they started talking and being happy that they would be able to maintain their jobs. their homes. and take care of their family once again. >> reporter: carrier workers call it a christmas miracle. a thousand jobs d, moving to mexico. the company credits president- elect donald trump's pro- business policies, he's headed to indiana this afternoon to talk about it. >> my gosh, he's not even president yet and figured out how to save 1,000 jobs. >> i'm hoping that every ceo in america is getting that beacon signal from the new trump administration that we're open for business in the united states. >> reporter: behind today's victory lap millions in state incentives from indiana governor mike pence who has
11:36 am
way for quick confirmation. >> we're going to be continuing to work through december and all the way through inauguration day to make sure we're ready on day one. >> reporter: in new york -- >> we talk about sba. >> reporter: the parade of potential nominees continues, critics call it a cabinet full of insiders. but so far no word on which of four candidates will be offered secretary of state. tracie potts, washington. spokesman says no major announcements expected before next week. a wayne state university police officer killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest today. 29-year-old colin rose was shot and killed last week at the university's midtown campus as he approached a suspect on a bike. hundreds of law enforcement officers are expected to attend this service. so far the fbi hasn't established a connection between isis or other terror
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state university. agents are scouring through abdul artan's laptop and other devices but so far they do not believe that the somali refugee's family knew of his plan to attack innocent people. the campus attack is also sparking action. the ohio senate is now considering a bill that would allow state universities and colleges to decide for themselves if they want to allow concealed weapons permits on campus. new york city police searching for a man on camera taking it happened in september. you can see the man loitering around the truck, then walked off with that bucket of gold flakes. not sure where you sell those back to. but police now believe the man and his bucket of gold are somewhere in the sunshine state. washington, dc will be a glow this evening, when the first family lights up the national christmas tree at the ellipse near the white house. it will be the 94th annual pageant of peace ceremony.
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family to ring in the season. including james taylor, kelly clarkson, garth brooks and tricia yearwood among others. the time honored holiday tradition started in 1923 under president calvin coolidge. right now a resupply rocket is on a two-day journey to the international space station. >> the progress 65 launch from kazakhstan on board the russia soyuz rocket two carrying 2 1/2tons of 1/cargo, food and clothing. the cargo ship will arrive at the i.s.s. saturday and remaining there until june. president obama has a little more than a month left in office. >> and plans to make the most of it especially on the issue of climate change. >> coming up, we'll tell you about steps the lame duck president is taking in an effort to protect the
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bay area is safe. the planes found a new home very nearby. where are they ending up? when will the move happen? >> cold front sliding through now and temperatures really cooling off behind it. 14 degrees colder in the last 24 hours in crystal river.
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is closed now. fog is a problem. i wouldn't say that is normally the circumstance on december 1st by the florida highway patrol asking drivers to take alternate routes. unfortunately that means taking a long alternate route. skyway bridge closed now due to fog. >> hard to see the road there. we're just now starting to get visibility back along the beaches. we showed you a few seconds ago
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couldn't see a thing. now you can see a little beach but there's still fog out there. 73 degrees, the winds coming from the south and southwest throughout the morning here, as this cold front continues to slide to the area. and right now though not too much in the way of rainfall associated with this. max defender 8 for the most part is fairly quiet, aside from just a few light sprinkles sitting just off-shore of citrus and hernando county. we had a couple come onshore but nothing substantial with you can see the visible satellite. a bright shade of white is the leading edge of the frontal boundary. you can see the higher cloud taps. you can see the leading edge of this, now behind that you notice the temperature dropping and noticing some drier air as well. in fact look at the numbers. 77 in tampa. 82 over plant city and zephyrhills. but inverness and crystal river, middle and upper 60s. a huge contrast. temperatures about 10 degrees
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dew points sky hi ahead of the front. that is why we're seeing the fog formation now but much drier air now rolling in behind that boundary. as that continues to slowly progress through the area we're going to call for just scattered clouds and couple of sprinkles out there. the rain chances only around 20% today. tomorrow morning you're going to feel like -- more seasonable start. what we should typically see for early december, a cooler, less humid start. and as we go into the weekend we i would suggest making some. saturday looks great. fair weather clouds and 78. it gets to 81 by sunday afternoon. it's going to become a little more humid as we go into the afternoon there. and that's going to lead into next week. we're going to keep it dry for monday. i show say just a slim rain chance monday. then by tuesday and wednesday still some questions as to exactly when the next couple of cold fronts slide through but do look to have a little more moisture to work with. so we're going to bump up the
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the second driest november on record for tampa. hopefully we can make that up in december. >> the plants like this? >> the lawns are a little brown now. the epa finallyized a plan requiring automakers to more than double their fleetwide fuel efficiency by 2025. that decision is expected and industry experts believe it's a move to lock in part of president obama's legacy before donald trump takes over the white house. the new standards lower greenhouse gas emissions and boost fuel efficiency to an average of more than 50 miles per gallon for each automaker. this decision however can be undone by the president-elect. the epa has until april of 2018 to make a final determination. the lame duck president is
11:46 am
environmental issues. he's pushing ahead with several executive actions, they are all aimed at protecting the nation's land, air and water. still president obama acknowledges his successor may try to undo his work. the president points out several of the actions have long been in the works, subject to public comment and notice. german chancellor angela merkel says she will work on climate policy with president- elect donald trump. today she assumes the es try to cooperate. president-elect donald trump has made it known he intends to pull out of the landmark international agreement to fight global warming. after months of searching the noaa hurricane hunters will be taking off from a new home. the lakeland linder airport. melissa marino shows us what it means for the lakeland area. >> i'm at the hangar that will be the new home. in here they will have offices and operations center built and
11:47 am
will be a brand new hangar. when a hurricane hits the hurricane hunters fly into the storm. giving the world a view unlike any other. >> we're sampling the environment. >> reporter: earlier this year they learned they needed to find a new home. >> macdill has other needs right now. they have eight tankers and 400 people coming in and didn't receive military construction money. we understand their requirements and it gave us an opportunity to look >> reporter: after months they landed in lakeland. >> what a great day for our city, for our county and for our airport. >> reporter: construction is already underway for their new 100,000 square foot operations center. noaa will be one of, if not the biggest tenant at the airport. this means millions more in revenue for the airport and beyond for the next 10 years. >> it is a total game changer for us. >> so why lakeland? >> the decision came to cost. >> reporter: plus there will be
11:48 am
aircraft and it's within 50 miles of macdill air force base. >> we have 110 people, many have been with us for decades and we could not afford to risk losing any of them. >> reporter: most important, they have a new place to continue to do what they do best. >> our purpose remains the same. serving the nation, providing data for decisionmakers and protecting lives. >> reporter: the goal is to have them move in by may 2017. in lakeland, melissa marino, yesterday. that is the good news. it does start again from june. this year there were 15 named storms and seven hurricanes. a giant lobster, managed to ditch the dinner plate and get back home. it's all thanks to the kindness of a woman that he never met. king louie as he's been called is a 23-pound, caught in the the bay off the coast of eastern canada, then taken to a local lobster shop but before
11:49 am
paid $230 for his release. the lobster shop honored the request and local fisherman as you saw released king louie back into the bay. hopefully he stays away from lobster traps in the future. >> you only get one shot at that release. the mannequin challenge is a little played out, but news doesn't travel so fast to the ends of the earth. check these guy us out. a group of marathon runners braved extreme temperatures to perform what is believed to be challenge. are they doing the challenge or just frozen? because it's so cold? you judge. it's not fair because the object of the challenge is to stay still as possible. it's literally freezing. temperature at the time, hovering around negative 4 degrees. two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese,
11:50 am
>> you know it. >> an iconic jingle for mcdonald's big mac. >> but never would have come to pass in not for that guy. michael delligatti, the creator of the big mac. we take a trip back to the
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
challenge? it raised $50 million for als research. the bucket believed to start it all is now part of the smithsonian. part of a new exhibit on the history of philanthropy. you may not know his name but you've heard of, if not tried his very own creation. we're talking about the man behind mcdonald's big mac. he has passed. >> yes, michael jim delligatti was 98 years old, in the 1960s he spent two years to come up
11:54 am
that special sauce. jeannie most has more. >> reporter: the creator of the big mac did not die from a big mac attack. >> it's not really that unhealthy. >> reporter: big mac's maker. >> mr. jim delligatti. >> reporter: lived to the age of 98. it was nearly 50 years ago that he first served a big mac in his mcdonald's franchise near pittsburgh. it was an instant went national and immortalized about the i jingle >> pickles onions, on a special sauce. >> reporter: where is the special sauce? there it is. the original big mac sold for -- >> 49 cents at the time. >> reporter: now it's as much as $5 and sold worldwide. in paris -- >> what do they call a big mac. >> they call it le big mac. >> reporter: they say only one out of five millennials even
11:55 am
flag to half-staff but did tweet jim, we thank and will forever remember you. fans posted big mac tribute photos. one suggested to honor his legacy why not return the big mac to its former size? it's become so small it's pathetic. not true says mcdonald's. it's been the same size since inception. another fan suggested if they cremate him they should put him in a big mac even the guy who invented it in 1967 jurveled the jingle. >> to all beef patties special sauce lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles -- >> i thought it was picks ', onions. >> i say a toasted sesame seed bun. >> reporter: his family still owns and operates 21 mcdonald's in pennsylvania. jim's business, the big mac itself was. >> our own secret sauce. >> reporter: jeannie most, cnn.
11:56 am
seed bun. >> reporter: new york. >> it's a classic. so much so in fact that -- did you hear what she said? one in five millennials haven't tried one. >> how is that possible? >> get with it! >> i think it's just the health kick happening. you've got to have one. even if you're healthy you have to have one. >> now there's a smaller version. maybe try that. >> the junior mac. >> there's your excuse. quick reminder, this is why the sunshine skyway bridge is closed. fog problems ed, it appears to be clearing at the beaches. >> i think the fog will start obreak up as we go into the next hour or so. otherwise watch for a few spotty showers for the afternoon commutes. thank you for joining us. >> i'll see you back here on first at 4:00. and tonight on newschannel 8 at
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing.
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papa john's. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. we're so glad you chose to join us. it's the first day of december, hoda woman. >> it's already here. >> yesterday's song by hunter hayes. my daughter loves him, thinks he's great. >> adorable. >> we have a good show. >> two british beauties are here, elizabeth hurley and her son damian.


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